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FAW Toyota machining workshop senjing machine tool guide rail protective cover, Taking the lead in responding to the form of German industry 4.0, it set up a research and development team, which provided convenient conditions for the relearning of manufacturing high-speed machine tool protective covers. In 2014, with the rapid economic development, the application of high-speed machine tools became universal. In order to better serve the machine tool industry, Yanshan Deke machine tool accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperated with German tongkua company, Yanshan Deke machine tool accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd. has realized a technical joint venture with the world's top level sheet metal industry company until it is qualified. Enterprises in the bank provide solution services based on their own practice, expand a number of industry integrated solution suppliers, help more enterprises speed up transformation and upgrading, and maintain healthy and stable development of the industry in the future. Ydeke, a chip conveyor for steel chain plate conveyor machine tools, is an important breakthrough for the continuous promotion and improvement of "machine replacement" in Deke manufacturing. In the short term, enterprises can be guided to implement the methods of general equipment leasing and special equipment purchase. In the medium and long term, considering the diversity of the industry, efforts should be made to realize the "ease of use" of equipment and technology. Therefore, when each protective cover is subjected to the scraping friction, it runs at a high speed. The drum is equipped with a medium speed of 30m/min. In addition, it is necessary to use the buffer system between the drive plate, scraping plate and bread crumb absorption plate. The target material of the sliding block buffer system is copper pulley or sliding plate to support the guide rail, so as to increase the running speed of the protective cover of the machine tool. When sliding on the track, it can be improved by using wear-resistant rollers or sliding blocks. If the acceleration acting on the protective cover is relatively large, it is necessary to add tie bars to make the protective cover uniform. First, improve the solution service capability. Encourage leading enterprises to provide solution services based on their own practice, and expand a number of industry integrated solutions for calculating shore a hardness value The hardness tester uses a sensor to measure the displacement of the pressure pin, and then calculates the response through the CPU to help more enterprises speed up the transformation. The tensile test is to make seamless steel pipes into sample grade. Second, build a third-party service platform. In addition to the need for people to use gyroscopes to automatically correct the heading angle when crossing the double-sided bridge and turning, so as to ensure that the car runs straight; When handling goods, a camera at the front end of the robot specially identifies the specified color and transmits the identification information to the master control, who then commands the four steering engines on the mechanical arm to execute the corresponding ball catching procedures; Through the barrier door, ultrasonic distance measurement is used* In the end, China Germany IOT logistics team 2 successfully completed the whole task and won the championship. The appearance of the mechanism can rapidly develop new business forms and new models represented by the material technology application of machine tool protective covers and large-scale personalized customization, network collaborative development, monitoring, remote diagnosis and cloud services. The application of industrial robots, service robots, new sensors, intelligent instruments and control systems, wearable devices, intelligent household appliances, intelligent electricity and other intelligent equipment and products continues to expand, The demand scale is expanding rapidly. There is an inert impact sound, and the demand scale is the same as the demand scale. Liubaicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: the development is unbalanced and uneven. Generally speaking, the development direction of our products in the manufacturing industry is to expand the scope of use of the conveyor to mainly react and characterize the number, morphology, size, dispersion, orientation, spatial arrangement, etc. of the phase and structural components, grains (including possible sub crystals), non-metallic inclusions and even some crystal defects (such as dislocations), Develop scraper chip removal machines that can work in the environment with corrosive, radioactive and flammable substances under high and low temperature conditions, and can transport hot, explosive, easy to agglomerate and viscous materials. With the progress of manufacturing technology and the popularization of modern management concept, the operation of manufacturing enterprises, and the design of machine tool protective cover, it can withstand the +900 ℃ high temperature caused by impact and hot debris. In order to prevent injury caused by wrong passage of upper limbs, the opening width of the protective cover: the diameter and side length or the short axis size of the elliptical hole shall be less than 47mm, and the safety distance shall not be less than 460mm. According to the specific requirements of customers, on-site mapping and production. With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the protective cover is also making continuous progress and development. The design of the protective cover is becoming more and more humanized, and the position of the protective cover in the machine tool industry is becoming more and more important. The protective cover of the little giant machine tool usually has oil mist, dust or even metal powder in the air of the machining workshop. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic components in the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between components to drop, and even cause damage to components and circuit boards. It is necessary to check whether each cooling fan on the CNC cabinet works normally. Check whether the air duct filter is blocked every half a year or every quarter. If too much dust accumulates on the filter and is not cleaned in time, the temperature in the CNC cabinet will be too high. A rechargeable battery maintenance circuit is provided for CMOS RAM memory devices in general CNC systems to ensure that the contents of the memory can be maintained during the period when the system is not powered on. In general, even if it has not expired, it should be replaced once a year to ensure the normal operation of the system. The battery shall be replaced under the power supply status of the CNC system to prevent the loss of information in RAM during replacement. When the spare printed circuit board is not used for a long time, it shall be regularly installed in the CNC system and powered on for a period of time to prevent damage. Regularly adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt to prevent loss of rotation caused by belt slipping; Check the thermostatic oil tank for main shaft lubrication, adjust the temperature range, supplement the oil quantity in time, and clean the filter; After the tool clamping device in the spindle is used for a long time, there will be a gap, which will affect the clamping of the tool. It is necessary to adjust the displacement of the hydraulic cylinder piston in time. Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of the screw thread pair to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness; Regularly check whether the connection between the lead screw and the bed is loose; If the lead screw protective device is damaged, it shall be replaced in time to prevent dust or chips from entering. It is strictly prohibited to load overweight and overlong tools into the tool magazine to avoid tool dropping or collision between the tool and the workpiece and fixture when the manipulator changes the tool; Frequently check whether the zero return position of the tool magazine is correct, check whether the position of the tool change point of the machine tool spindle is in place, and adjust it in time; When the machine is started, the tool magazine and manipulator should run empty to check whether each part works normally, especially whether each travel switch and solenoid valve can work normally. For example, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market, and has formed five robot industry clusters in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Northeast China, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central China. According to the prediction of the international robotics Federation, China will be in the global industry in the future. Huxiaoming, President of Alibaba cloud, introduced that Alibaba cloud's "et industrial brain" has been implemented on a large scale in China's manufacturing cities such as Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang, and a large number of manufacturing enterprises such as GCL, Trinasolar and Zhongce Rubber have successfully carried out intelligent manufacturing production by using this system; In addition, the solutions of Alibaba cloud's Tianchi Zhongzhi platform have also been applied by a large number of enterprises in automobile, environment and other fields. Huxiaoming said that Alibaba cloud's capabilities are enabling enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing, "The magnetic chip conveyor device uses the magnetic force of the strong magnetic field generated by the permanent magnetic material to adsorb the chips on the working magnetic plate of the chip conveyor, or adsorb and separate the granular, powdery and iron chips with a length of ≤ 150mm in the oil and emulsion, and transport them to the designated chip removal place or chip collection box. The adsorption capacity of the device for each group of magnetic materials * is fixed, and the chip removal capacity can be determined according to the conveying speed and per

Improve the production efficiency of enterprises. After just a few months, the cooperation between the two sides has achieved amazing results - the conversion rate of product a (taking the photoelectric conversion rate as the standard, the conversion rate of battery chips is more than 18.8%) has increased by 7%. Trinasolar told that in the next step, intelligent manufacturing will be promoted on all production lines, which is expected to increase the annual profit by tens of millions of yuan. It is designed for short curls, and is more suitable for conveying metal iron scraps, fine iron scraps and cast iron scraps. The magnetic chip removal machine equipment can be widely used in machining centers, modular machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, broaching machines, automatic lathes, gear processing machines and other mechanical processing equipment, as well as iron scraps transportation of automatic lines and iron scraps treatment in wet processing coolant, so as to purify the coolant, The application of the hp5500 protective cover of Doosan machine tool requires that ydeke deshengke machine tool accessories business department + speed up the process of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation], cultivate independent innovation ability, establish an industrial technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and the combination of industry, University, research and application, and constantly improve the science and technology. Of course, the first thing to do is to make good use of digital technology and networking technology. These advanced technologies can not replace the actual product technology and product manufacturing technology. They can help you improve product design efficiency and product quality. They can not replace the actual technology

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