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FAW Xichai modified vehicle new product exhibition successfully held

FAW Xichai modified vehicle new product exhibition successfully held

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on January 9, FAW Jiefang Xichai modified vehicle new product exhibition was held in Wuxi, and nearly 150 signed dealers and key customer representatives from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and other regions visited the site. Xichai dump truck, van type, semi-trailer, special-purpose and other series of new vehicles all appeared at the exhibition

at the exhibition, the j6m thermoplastic plate large volume van, 4 × 2 light truck composite board van, j6m refrigerator car, single tire frame semi-trailer, 4 × 2 tiger V corrugated board van, intelligent muck dump truck, 4 × 2j6l wing open van, but universal material experiment is still the only 1 and reliable way to obtain metal material properties. 4 × New products such as 2j6l low flat transporter have won wide attention of users, and they have gathered around for consultation. For example, the single tire skeleton semi-trailer developed in June and July to reduce the user's operating costs and increase benefits reflects the advantages of light weight, low friction and good stability. In addition, 4 × 2j6l dangerous goods van body is mounted on the pilot van with 3mm flat bottom plate, which inherits the advantages of three years' rust free and lifetime leak free of the pilot van. Smoke detectors are installed in the cabin, sound and light alarms are provided in the cab, and driving records with satellite positioning function are installed. The development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator is implemented, which provides a reliable guarantee for users to transport flammable liquid dangerous goods packed in containers for exhibitors and visitors

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