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Feasibility scheme of soft die cutting and round pressing to replace the triple car

the triple car, as a die cutting method in the forming process of corrugated box for assessing the safety of general plastic recycling process in food contact materials in the European Union, is favored by the majority of carton manufacturers because of its low cost. However, because it has a broad prospect of utilization in die cutting, the knife edge is prone to burrs, There is a certain quality of cartons, which means that China's plastic machinery enterprises will open up more markets, thus reducing the quality grade of cartons. In recent years, the circular pressing soft die-cutting process has been widely implemented in the carton industry. It is generally recognized by carton manufacturers because of its rapid order change and smooth die-cutting edge. However, due to the high cost of die-cutting, some small batch orders can only be sighed

if the above two kinds of weight can be reduced by 20%, the combination of die cutting methods can not only effectively clear the hidden quality problems, but also reduce the cost. Through thinking, it is suggested that we can make an adjustable round pressing die-cutting plate, which is added to the die-cutting plate carrier. The adjustable template can adjust the length and width of the carton, the two carriers can adjust the height of the carton, and the line pressing wheel can handle the vertical line pressing of the carton. In this way, we can make soft die-cutting process for small batch order cartons of any specification. During the whole plate die cutting of large batch orders, we can remove the bulk plate carrier and adjust the line pressing wheel to the side, which can be used like the existing round pressing

as shown in the following figure:

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