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FAW Xichai: demonstrate the perfect fusion of efficiency and refinement for you

FAW Xichai: demonstrate the perfect fusion of efficiency and refinement for you

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. According to relevant data, from January to November, FAW Xichai Aowei's 11 liter unit sales in FAW market alone were close to 35000 units, a year-on-year increase of 31.66%; FAW Xichai Aowei L, m and other natural gas engines also received batch orders continuously, and the sales volume from January to October increased by 83.6% year-on-year; In the overseas market, FAW Xichai also maintained a strong growth momentum. As of October, FAW Xichai machine export sales increased by 31.3% year-on-year

FAW Xichai submitted a satisfactory answer to its 2014 resume with groups of beautiful data. The strong market momentum once again shows the unique momentum of FAW Xichai as the leader of the domestic engine industry; The perfect combination of efficiency and refinement is most vividly reflected in FAW Xichai

take multiple measures to improve efficiency

FAW Xichai's ultra-high production efficiency has always been known in the industry. What are the means for FAW Xichai to improve production efficiency

for this, The relevant person in charge of FAW Xichai production department said: "There are many ways to improve production efficiency. Specifically, it is mainly divided into the following three parts: first, to improve the daily production capacity through technical transformation, process optimization, management improvement and other means; second, to optimize the production organization by adjusting the shift mode, cross line operation, and improve the production efficiency of nano copper wire; third, to systematically analyze the job beat of each production line in combination with the development of man hour measurement, and use e-crs to improve technology Method, reorganize and optimize the content of each post, and use the man-machine engineering method to "cut the peak and fill the valley" for the important aspect of the production line that is the test of brand reputation, so as to create sustainable value for all interested parties, improve personnel utilization and reduce personnel allocation. " According to the staff member, 2014 was a year of rapid progress in FAW Xichai's production efficiency. As of October, FAW Xichai's production line had completed 63 staff reductions, 100% of the target tasks. Through calculation, the per capita production rate of the assembly workshop increased by more than 10% from January to October

it is not difficult to see from the sales data that FAW Xichai has been very popular in the market. In particular, this year, FAW Xichai's national four products have achieved unprecedented rapid increase. How to coordinate various platforms to improve production efficiency and enhance adaptability has become a major problem faced by FAW Xichai's production department

like the decisions made when facing many other challenges, FAW Xichai first thought of starting with "people" to improve the ability and quality of the staff team. "In order to strengthen management and improve personnel quality, we checked the training needs of personnel at all levels, including operators, managers and technicians, and worked out training plans in conjunction with the administrative department. At the same time, we made full use of the low production period to carry out training at all levels to ensure that operators have operational knowledge and that managers have the ability to reasonably dispatch and organize. We not only 'give them fish' but also insist on 'give them fish' and pass Training to improve the level of technical personnel in solving technical quality problems. " The relevant person in charge of FAW Xichai production department said

in addition, the FAW Xichai production department carried out a comprehensive investigation and made great efforts to rectify and improve all work. In view of the problems exposed during the preliminary investigation, coordinate all units to make production preparations: check the adaptability of various types of assembly lines to ensure the smooth production of all types of models. For example, carry out the transformation of B00 line base frame for backpack oil pan models; Add special equipment to meet the quality and output requirements, such as 4/6dld flywheel bolt tightening machine; The technical transformation of the drainage system of the common B00 platform to adapt to the fourth national school bus...

adequate preparation is also an important link to improve the assembly capacity and production efficiency. For this reason, FAW Xichai further combed, compiled and optimized the assembly process of the fourth national automobile group, and strengthened the guidance for current production; The R & D department has also specially accelerated the research on reducing school bus time of w/x/n and 4/6dld to ensure the conditions for batch implementation; The production line continues to organize the assembly work of national four parts, reduce the assembly process beat and increase the assembly efficiency; In view of the current situation of slow beat and declining production capacity of China's four engines, the orderly implementation of various measures to strengthen process research and improve production capacity has fundamentally guaranteed the ultra-high production efficiency of FAW Xichai

more, faster, better and more economical fine production

for FAW Xichai, high efficiency does not mean a simple increase in quantity. FAW Xichai is committed to building a highly unified refined production mode with production efficiency, production quality, energy saving and low consumption. On March 16 this year, Jiefang company started the refinement project. FAW Xichai production department took multiple measures to promote the refinement project, realizing the perfect unity of efficiency and refinement

"Since the implementation of the fine engineering, through careful planning and organization, our factory has promoted the application of error prevention techniques in the assembly workshop, especially in key quality posts such as cooling nozzle installation, left and right suspension installation, bearing installation, etc., analyzed the difficulties of manual control, and adopted 20 error prevention measures such as equipment interlocking, image recognition, audible and visual alarm, automatic identification, etc., to improve the process quality control ability and eliminate potential problems; on this basis, the production department systematically combed After sorting out all kinds of faults of the three ring joints of general assembly, school bus and oil seal in the previous year, 14 typical problems were arranged, and 57 improvement measures were formulated and implemented; In order to reduce material distribution errors, for example, as early as 1869, an engineer named Tinius Olsen in the United States invented a lever type tensile testing machine to reduce the secondary pollution of parts, and other quality requirements, the production department also carried out special work to 'improve the accuracy of ERP material list' and 'reduce the proportion of assembly parts free of cleaning'. " When it comes to "fine engineering", the relevant person in charge of FAW Xichai production department can hardly hide his pride

it is understood that in order to achieve the perfect unity of efficiency and refinement, FAW Xichai has strengthened the process improvement, organized a general survey of all employees, all posts and the whole process, strengthened the process improvement, and formulated a special improvement plan for the weak points in the process evaluation. All the measures have been put into place, which has promoted the improvement of the process compliance rate

at the same time, FAW Xichai strengthened the effective operation of standard operation, established standard operation workflow, strengthened the implementation inspection of secondary standard operation, and ensured that the standard operation maintenance of each production line was timely and controllable. The management rules for assembly workshop standard operation instructions were issued to standardize the preparation, maintenance, training and other processes of standard operation, and the standard operation of nearly 80 posts was revised

since the "fine engineering" of FAW Xichai has been carried out, objective results have been achieved. According to the introduction, in accordance with the requirements of lean production, the transformation from full-time inspection and acceptance to self inspection and acceptance by school workers, that is, the "integration of school and inspection" mode, was implemented from may2013 to March 2014. After 10 months of efforts, 150 school inspectors were trained, and 122 of them obtained the qualification of the administrative department

use the production efficiency that surpasses the peers to help the hot market sales, and use the refined production mode to ensure product quality and help improve the brand; FAW Xichai's production mode, which perfectly integrates efficiency and refinement, has laid the most solid foundation for the take-off of the enterprise

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