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In children's simple world, strange imagination is essential. Everything is fresh and interesting in their eyes, so children's rooms are best composed of fairy tales. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will recommend several creative home children's room background wall designs for friends to let children's nature fly

a fantastic children's room must be designed with gorgeous color decoration. The bright colors in this children's room spread from the roof to the wall, which is very dazzling! Such a wide range of decoration covers everything in the room. The whole roof was filled with decorative paintings. At the same time, the orange and pink designs are also full of childlike charm. Even the columns and cabinets in the house were not spared. And soft outfit is more essential is to use color design

since we want to be full of childlike fun, we must also have small animals closest to children. In the picture, the owner drove the zoo into the room, and giraffes and hot-air balloons also came to join the fun. In addition, bright and bright colors are very suitable for children's rooms. At the same time, simple and smooth wallpaper also brings a lot of fun to children. The blue sky, soft white clouds and the ingeniously designed clothes rack beside them seem to be connected with the story told on the wallpaper

it's very interesting to design the floating window indoors. Extending the bedroom bed from the floating window increases the sense of hierarchy of the space. The soft cloth art on the bed is made up of different colors. The background wall of the children's room is full of dreamlike feeling. The wallpaper of the green grass at the root of the wall is also carefully matched with white curtains, which is very vivid and vivid. A small storage cabinet is designed near the window. Such a small corner becomes a good place for children to rest, study and play





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