Qijia niuren teaches you to judge the quality of t

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Qijia niuren teaches you to judge the quality of the sink

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first, materials: divided into stainless steel sink, acrylic sink, artificial stone kitchen basin, ceramic kitchen basin and cast iron. Now the most common and widely used in the market is stainless steel sink

stainless steel is the best material for kitchen sink. It is light, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, not easy to aging, not easy to corrosion, not oil absorbing, not water absorbing, not dirty, not producing odor, which is unmatched by other materials. In terms of raw steel plates, the best steel plates are mainly 304 plates, and there are 403, 302 and other different models

people often think that the magnet adsorbs stainless steel to verify its advantages and disadvantages and authenticity. If it does not adsorb non-magnetic, it is considered to be good and genuine; If the addict is magnetic, it is considered to be a fake. In fact, this is a very one-sided and impractical discrimination method. The stainless steel sink inevitably has certain magnetism due to the change of steel structure in the process of die-casting, which is a normal phenomenon and can be used safely. The basis for judging the quality of stainless steel is not whether it is magnetic, but whether it is a real 304 stainless steel

II. Manufacturing and molding process:

from the perspective of manufacturing process, the most common are welding and one-time molding

there are two kinds of welding methods. One is the surrounding welding in which the basin and the panel are welded together. Its advantage is that it has a beautiful appearance. After strict treatment, it is not easy to find the crater. The surface of the water tank is flat and smooth. The disadvantage is that some consumers doubt its firmness. In fact, the current welding technology mainly includes sub arc welding and the most advanced numerical control resistance welding, and the quality has passed the standard

the other is butt welding in which two single basins are butt welded into one. Its advantage is that the basin and the panel are stretched into one, which is firm and durable. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to see the welding trace, and the flatness is slightly poor. At present, one-time molding is a more advanced and popular manufacturing process, but the manufacturing process is difficult, and the overall thickness of the formed water tank is uneven, relatively thin, mostly about 0.7mm, and the better basin thickness should be 0.8-1.0mm. It's not that the thicker the better. The thicker the material, the heavier the sink is, which is easy to deform the cabinet and damage the tableware. 0.8-1.0mm is the best, with a long service life, and the utensils will also be guaranteed

III. surface treatment: Based on the principles of non greasy dirt, easy cleaning and wear resistance. There are mainly mirror (bright), frosting (matte), wire drawing matte, fine wire drawing, pearl matte silver (sandblasting), etc

IV. depth: Westerners are used to using flat tableware, while the tableware and even cooking utensils used by Chinese people are very thick and large, so the 150mm sink that adapts to the west is difficult to be accepted in the Chinese market. The height of the sink that is more suitable for domestic use is more than 180mm, and its advantages are large capacity and splash proof

v. surface flatness: it is the most intuitive standard to inspect the quality and grade of the sink. Keep the line of sight consistent with the plane of the sink. The edge of the sink should not bulge or warp, and the error degree should be less than 0.1mm. Poor flatness will not only affect the appearance, but also easily cause water seepage and scaling

VI. accessories:

1. The quality of the water inlet and the water pipe directly affects the use of the sink. The better water pipe material should be PP or UPVC, with high sealing degree, elasticity, heat resistance, crack resistance, long service life, reasonable shape design, odor prevention and odor return prevention design, easy installation, no blockage, water seepage and other phenomena

2. There are steel ball positioning, extrusion sealing and console controlled water removal at the water inlet, which has strong sealing property, is convenient for rapid storage of water, can automatically filter impurities, avoid blocking the water pipe, and use high-quality rubber, which is not easy to wear

3. Fastening seals: fasten with self tapping screws to ensure sealing and safe and fast operation

VII. Silencing treatment: there are two ways of silencing pad and silencing coating, and it also has the function of preventing water seepage/Qigong

VIII. The choice of kitchen basin should be considered in combination with the size, style and shape of the cabinet

IX. Kitchen Basin partners: faucets, soap dispensers, kitchen boards, drainage baskets, garbage cans, garbage processors, etc.

X. common problems in use:

floating rust on the bottom of the basin: it is not a quality problem, but mostly caused by the deposition of residual metal impurities in the water pipes of newly decorated rooms on the bottom of the basin

treatment: wipe it with toothpaste or talc powder, and it will disappear naturally after normal use

note: stainless steel sinks are generally not disinfected with concentrated disinfectant when used, which is easy to damage the stainless steel surface





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