How to do a good job in full decoration design

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Residential decoration design is the continuation of residential architectural design. It is not only a relatively independent design stage, but also must be connected with architectural design. The decoration design is best involved in the initial stage of the project, which is harmonious with the architectural design and environmental design. In order to solve the connection of civil engineering, equipment installation and decoration components, clarify the construction interfaces, change the situation that civil engineering and decoration are separated from each other, and gradually realize the industrialized decoration mode of standardization, modularization and generalization of residential decoration

as for the decoration design standards, it should refer to the "guidelines for the decoration design of the pilot project of full decoration of new residential buildings in Shanghai" and the current national standards. As for the selection of decoration design units, the development enterprise should entrust the design units with corresponding qualifications to design through bidding and bid negotiation. The design of fully decorated houses should gradually implement the integrated design of civil engineering and decoration. In the decoration design, the establishment of decoration standards should be based on the specific situation of the project and the sales target, after full investigation. The decoration design should conform to the principles of ergonomics and embody the design concept of people-oriented. The decoration design should try to grasp the commonness, so that the hard decoration part can be used as the background and leave room for personalized decoration. Excellent components shall be selected in the design, and the tolerance matching and interface technical requirements of civil engineering and decoration shall be specified on the drawings. At the same time, the principles of energy conservation and environmental protection should be implemented




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