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Recently, Yadan wardrobe (China) operation headquarters officially launched Yadan brand Sina official certification Weibo - Yadan wardrobe, announcing the completion of Yadan's new network promotion and marketing platform. General manager Zhang Yadan attached great importance to the operation of official Weibo and personally called all dealers and employees to pay attention to this information release platform

in this fast-paced era of rapid change, information resources are precious. Yadan's official microblog will be presented to you at the first time! Timely release and update the following contents since the launch date: enjoy pictures and pictures, share the latest products, or interpret Yadan's classic wardrobe products; Release the latest trends of Yadan terminal, including opening information and cone strategy series marketing activities, etc; Deliver the latest trends and headquarters activities of Yadan company's strategic planning and policy adjustment. Please pay attention

the responsibilities of Yadan wardrobe official Weibo include not only news release, product and service promotion, but also customer service and customer relationship maintenance. Through the microblog platform, we can establish attention contacts and interactions with customers and potential consumer groups, and drive all agents and employees to build an information network, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion and marketing

pay attention to health and Yadan zero formaldehyde wardrobe, and pay attention to "Yadan Wardrobe" quickly





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