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Bangyuan famous craftsman home customization system consists of customized wardrobe + customized cabinet + software supporting products (such as sofa). This overall furniture combination is not only based on the current store survival, but also ensures that the store can be invincible in the customization industry with its foresight

today's society is a society that pays attention to quality and fashionable life, and people's longing for a good home life has not changed. As dealers who are interested in joining the home furnishing industry, they naturally want to find customized furniture brands that they want to represent in this era, that is, to find good manufacturers. However, there are many brands in the customized furniture industry. How to find good manufacturers

good manufacturers know how to respect dealers, because in a sense, dealers are the parents of manufacturers; The bangyuan famous craftsman home customization center will hold a dealer conference at the beginning of each year. It's a family experience for everyone to get together and discuss marketing plans for the coming year. At the meeting, bangyuan famous craftsman not only had the next year's marketing and production plan and new welfare policies, but also rich dealer rewards, cash, etc

poor manufacturers often look down on dealers and always think that dealers make money on them

good manufacturers will set up reasonable support policies and agency policies from the perspective of dealers. In this regard, bangyuan famous craftsman has various assistance modes to let dealers get started quickly and achieve 18 orders in 18 days. Bangyuan famous craftsman's big business plan "one store, three industries" and "four times a year" is to increase the annual profit of dealers from 100000 to millions, millions, etc. After years of practice, Wuhan dealers, Nanjing dealers, Chaozhou dealers, Jiujiang dealers, Lanzhou dealers and so on, these bangyuan famous craftsmen have successfully transformed into corporate operations, and many of them have opened many branches, such as second and third stores. This allows dealers to move forward bravely and intensively in the market, without worries at home

combination is more scientific

bangyuan famous craftsman home customization system is composed of customized wardrobe + customized cabinet + software supporting products (such as sofa). This overall furniture combination is not only based on the current store survival, but also ensures that the store can be invincible in the customization industry with its foresight

operation is not afraid of difficulties and can easily exceed ten million

with the same operation cost/team number/customer service volume, the sales volume has indeed doubled and doubled. Bangyuan famous craftsman's home customization system store can easily exceed 10million in 2 years

customers are not afraid to sign big orders one by one.

the same cost of developing customers increases exponentially, that is, using the cost of developing one customer and signing sales orders in three industries increases the contribution rate of the unit cost of stores by at least four times, and increases the success rate of signing orders

poor manufacturers will set many conditions for dealers. The policies are unreasonable and unclear. Regardless of the early investment of dealers, they will replace dealers at will, which will make dealers feel helpless and confused

bangyuan famous craftsman always takes the interests of dealers as its interests. In recent years, bangyuan famous craftsman has continuously strengthened its efforts in online marketing. In the first half of 2017, the national marketing system customization link was launched. The advantages of this system are high commission, fast money making, successful transactions, more orders, and wide applications

bangyuan famous craftsman's national marketing system - customization applet

good manufacturers pay attention to the performance of products in the end market, and whether products are good to sell. In terms of products, bangyuan famous craftsman has more than 10 years of customized furniture experience, and classic products such as Nordic modern Scandinavian series, European Elizabeth, Mediterranean and other series of home furnishings are widely welcomed by consumers. In addition, bangyuan famous craftsman has many new products. Only in the beginning of 2018, it launched three new series of cabinets and whole house soft fitting accessories

poor manufacturers think that the products have made money since they leave the factory, and whether they sell well is the dealer's own business, regardless of whether consumers like it or not, and they don't care about market dynamics, and they only care about squeezing the interests of dealers

good manufacturers like to carry out dealer training, and require salespeople to go to the dealer to help train shopping guides on some professional knowledge, sales skills and team building; In this regard, bangyuan famous craftsman took the lead in establishing the "Teaching Business School" in the industry. With enterprise strategy and talent development as the core, it uses modern scientific and technological means to establish an enterprise learning base according to the hybrid training mode. It is based on the construction of an enterprise staff training system. Through the introduction of enterprise teaching culture and the cultivation of enterprise learning habits, it forms an intelligence platform for enterprise knowledge management, talent processing and market competition, Finally, it becomes a powerful weapon to realize the strategic planning of enterprises

bangyuan famous craftsman has reached a three-year strategic cooperation with the chief marketing consultant in the home building materials industry and junzhiye group! Provide training course development for bangyuan famous craftsman at any time, provide excellent training teacher resources, and provide 360 degree comprehensive escort for business development

poor manufacturers think that training is spending money indiscriminately, and they always think that training is useless. They don't invite professional companies to train dealers, nor do they train factory employees

as one of the top ten overall wardrobe brands in China, bangyuan famous craftsman always takes the needs of dealers as its mission; In line with the principle of hand in hand and common growth, now the dealer team is growing, with more than 500 stores across the country. It has expanded the market to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In the future, it will continue to move forward and go further and more brilliant with a better attitude





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