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Shengwang private customized smart door, simple, fashionable and tasteful

Shengwang private customized smart door, simple, fashionable and tasteful! Simplicity is an attitude towards life, with light and concise lines, fashionable design forms and a strong sense of city. Simplicity highlights style, and the right space sets off people's life taste and temperament. The modern style is simple but not simple

the ultimate taste is those admirable details! From the charming collocation of color, style and design to quality, intelligence and function, it reflects the use value of Shengwang's ingenious works

why choose customization

with customization, you can feel an exclusive dignity, so that everyone who pays attention to quality of life and personal style can always show elegance and confidence. Choosing customization means choosing an exclusive lifestyle

how to choose smart door

door body design

the design of the entrance door should be reasonably customized according to the field environment. When the door leaf is opened, do not affect the normal walking of pedestrians inside and outside the door, and do not touch columns, fire boxes, etc

in addition, as an important part of the whole door, we should pay attention to whether the door hinge can bear the weight of the door body when selecting it

Shengwang intelligent entry door adopts high-quality door hinges. If it is a cast aluminum explosion-proof door, we will provide external hanging heaven and earth hinges. Shengwang external hanging heaven and earth hinge is made of solid 304 stainless steel, and the bearing capacity can reach 1 ton

material selection

material selection is the charm behind the design and the embodiment of product quality. Shengwang intelligent door is made of pure 304 colored stainless steel plates with rich colors and delicate surfaces

style selection

although it is private customization, the style, texture design, color, etc. of the entry door should also be matched with the design style of the home. Otherwise it will appear neither fish nor fowl

intelligent function

the intelligent function of the door is mainly reflected in the lock. Intelligent system locks are the current trend. The current intelligent opening and closing methods mainly include face recognition, palmprint, fingerprint, password, mobile phone smart app and so on. When we choose the intelligent opening and closing mode of the door, we can choose according to our daily habits

grasp installation

installation is the end of customizing the door, but this step cannot be ignored. If you choose an unprofessional installation, even if the door technology is good and the material selection is rigorous, the use value of the door will be greatly reduced, and there will be potential safety hazards when using it, so we need to find a professional installer when installing the door





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