You, I, love and TA are the happy family

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Life is too hurried and the scenery is too changeable. There are thousands of kinds of happiness, but one is within reach, that is, the meeting with TA

life is too hurried and the scenery is too changeable

there are thousands of kinds of happiness, but one kind is within reach

that is, the meeting with TA

porch storage cabinet

as the transition between the entrance and the living room, it plays an adjacent role

the hollowed out place where the decorations are placed, Show the owner's home taste

the hidden door cabinet can accommodate a large number of household trivia

you can feel the cleanliness of the home as soon as you enter the door

the bar of the guest restaurant

it's best to have an independent bar at home

pure color wine cabinet, which can be stored meaningfully with the inverted L-shaped bar

wine, books, collectibles, etc.

enjoy wine and talk with friends and family, How beautiful

study tatami

to achieve more functions in a small space, it depends on tatami

bookcase desk tatami integrated design saves space

exquisite design makes life more convenient

customized combination of children's room

is a little small, but it is very lovable. The combination of wardrobe and desk at the top

maximizes the use of space, and does not affect the life schedule

diverse color matching, The children's room can immediately become vibrant

the master bedroom hidden door wardrobe

is not luxurious, but there is a well-designed wall closet

which provides enough clothing storage space for beauty loving her

the dresser is included, and the open cabinet design

small items also have their own places to live, adding more personal charm




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