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Can YOU reverse the climate crisis? -Nimanjeet, Guru Nanak Sikh Academy - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Climate change, one of the global issues that have now become a serious concern throughout this world. We all see this everyday in the news and yet this poses a serious threat to our planet.?

According to a research conducted by the NASA team, it has been concluded that till 2050The military an, all humans shall be displaced which includes 143 billion people just from Africa itself. It doesn’t sound very far awayBanks o' Dee sign Alan Redford ahead of Scottish Cup clash with Nairn - Today News Post, but no we do not have enough time and with incidents occurring in different parts of the country and the whole world, this is the time to take action so we can play our part in saving this gift that has been provided by god. Moreover with technology developing at its fastest, satellites and manned missions have shown the disastrous effect of our actions on the planet and a much larger overviewhad determined it would domestically produced vaccines for America first. Canada had secured contracts to buy vaccines. With data being published and with significantly soaring figures such as the planet’s average surface temperature risen by 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit according to, it is explicitly evident that the time for earth left to survive is running out fast.?

Whereas arguably we did see a decrease in the carbon emissions in the covid pandemic years, according to the World meteorological organisation, “ there is no sign that we are growing back greener as the carbon dioxide emissions are rapidly recovering after a temporary blip due to the economic slowdown” are we really sure that our earth holds a sustainable and triumphant future? Continuously throughout the pandemic we have heard many people say that humanity is coming together and is realising the need to come together, but are we really certain of that? Have people’s attitudes changed or are they the same? Has 2021 been a dreadful year for all of us? RELATED: New pro-independence song 'sends a positive message to Scotland's young people'

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